Win 11 & a major shift from the Win 10 vision


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Jun 26, 2019
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In spite of all the u-turns that Microsoft has taken recently, I still believed that Win 11 is not happening because 'Win 10 was supposed to be the last version of Windows'. But it seems I was wrong.

Windows 11 is coming and we have all seen how it is different from Windows 10. But there is fundamental difference between the two that no one has noticed till now. The whole idea behind Windows 10 was to build an operating system that can run efficiently on devices of different form factor; Windows 11 on the other hand has been made to make it resemble Android! Perhaps this was done so that people would not feel the difference while switching from a mobile device to their laptops or desktops.

I have no problems with this approach, but what I do not like is the half-baked design one gets when mixing two things that could not be mixed. I personally feel that the latest build of Windows 10 is nearly perfect with modifications required in right side of task bar featuring quick launch buttons and action center.

1. Instead of changing the alignment of 'Start' button to center of the task bar, which looks kind of odd, Microsoft should have let go of 'Task Bar' completely and should have introduced mac like floating launcher.

2. They should have replaced the quick launch settings on right side of taskbar with something like 'Charm's Bar'.

3. The Windows explorer also needed a major change, but right now, it looks like a bad mixture of old and the new. This is true even for some other settings. (so much for getting rid of legacy design!)

4. And last but not the least, the widgets is one thing that indicates that UWP apps with Live Tiles may not even work in Windows 11 without updates. This is bad news for the already shrunken developer base of Windows 10. Microsoft should have at least allowed Live Tiles along with Widgets, but perhaps they want to get rid of it because it reminds them of Windows Mobile.

Let's see what is in store in tomorrow's event.
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