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May 21, 2011
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Don't know if anyone has or will want to share their commerial ideas, but I thought I would share mine.

The marketing campaign needs to be a targeted one I think. Those "In, out and back to life" ads set up this new line but this time we show how.

#1 target- The housewife, a recent survey said that women would give up a lot of things, like chocolate and sex, if they could just get 10 more free minutes a day. The housewife is a position of respect and if you show her how having the group function can help her herd her family and keep in touch with far flung family and friends. Or how she uses bing vision to make better shopping choices buy using the reviews.

#2 target-The housewifes husband, the 8 to whenever he gets home toiler. How he uses the email and Office integration, how when he comes out of a meeting he can quickly check to see if his wife has tried to get in touch with him by her live tile. How on the train, he becomes human again with the Zune and XBL Games and getting up to speed with friends on the ride home.

#3 target- The 20 somethings. Highlight the Social networking, Zune and gaming.

One of my favorite ideas for a commerial is directed at #3. This would be one of those commericals at the theater before the movie and there would be a series of them, one every 5 mins or so. First one, young couple at home and use the phone to find a movie. Next they are in the theater and are just talking before the movie about getting something to eat after. They use local scout to find someplace to eat. The series just continues to follow them through the evening as they use the phone. They send the link to the resturant to friends to have them meet them later. That sort of thing.

They HAVE to show people WHY they will love the Live Tiles and the integration that comes in Windows Phone. Catch phrases are great when people really GET it. "In, Out and back to life", sounds good but with something like this, you have to SHOW how it can improve their life, without once using the word "Magical".


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Jul 26, 2011
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he can quickly check to see if his wife has tried to get in touch with him by her live tile.


I agree though...they need to start to target "We do this, your phone doesn't". Everyone knows there is an App for EVERYTHING. There is not something on WP7 that couldn't be had on an iPhone...however, I can do it all from one search, on the iPhone i'd have to open 10 different apps.

I guess that would be one someone searching for information and have all the options pop up about more details and how easy it is to flip to them...then show the iPhone user doing a search, backing out to the main page, diving into their many pages of apps and folders and such to get that same information.


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Dec 16, 2010
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I think MORE product placement is KEY!

Id like to see the WP7 in does Gillette shaving commercials’ instead of an Iphone!! lol that would help a little too.


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Jan 1, 2011
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More WP reps in stores first! A BlackBerry or HTC rep comes in my store weekly. When the HTC rep comes, although she still says "push wp", she talks mostly about and uses the EVO 3D.


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Aug 1, 2011
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When I wanted to look at the htc trophy at my verizon store the guy I was talking with didn't think they had ever sold one. He was big on android and iphone but not at all interested in the windows phone.

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Jul 2, 2011
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Something iike this coud be split into multiple 30 second spots. Each showing off a feature or two. Quickly thinking and typing...

You can have various everyday people using their phone against a surrounding background of hyper-sped up life. A girl/guy uses the phone to converse with a friend on Facebook.

Jessica: Are you coming?
Katy: Leaving the house now.
Jessica: okay

Jessica turns to see a cute dress in a store window with a tag and sends a text to Katy.

Jessica: Hey. Just saw the cutest dress.
Katy: Cool. Send me a link.

Jessica uses Bing Vision on the dress which brings up the best deal on X website. She sends the link to Katy.

She opens maps and sees the restaurant is not too far away. As she rounds the corner a group of her friends greet her. Katy comes into the frame flashes her phone with a pic of the dress and an invoice showing she just purchased it.

The world slows down behind them as they laugh and enter the restaurant.

Aternatively, you could and probably should group the feature sets into separate 30 sec spots.

Bing features would be one.

People Hub and the things you can do from there with social, groups and such.

Communications (messaging, email, chat, tweets)

Live Tiles



Separately, each of these may appeal to different demographics. But, combined they give you an overview of the phone which shows something for everyone.

Spots can be split between simply showing the phone onscreen and what it can do and showing "real" people doing those things with the phone.

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