[Win10 x64] Pairing timout when trying to connect all Bluetooth Devices


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Jan 5, 2018
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A few weeks ago i bought myself the Microsoft Designer Keyboard and mouse combo. After two days the keyboard failed to connect to the computer. After testing it seemed all bluetooth devices could not be connected anymore.

The computer "sees" the bluetooth devices but hits an error when pairing. In the interface it states "Please try to reconnect your device" only to give the same error after trying.

In the system log i see an error in BTHUSB ID29 stating a securitymanagement protocol has timed out while waiting for a response from the device.

I tried connecting new devices (Bluetooth 4.0 Smart / low power) and old bluetooth devices. All devices work on other computers like my Surface pro 4 and even my girlfriends laptop, the exact same model i have.

MSI GS73VR Laptop (i7-7700HQ / 16GB / 512GB SSD / 2TB HDD / GTX1060 6GB)

Windows version :
Windows 10 Home X64 V1709 build 16299

Bluetooth adapter :
Atheros QCA61x4 Bluetooth 4.1

What i've tried so far :
- Download new drivers from the MSI website.
- Tried to download new drivers using windows update.
- Tried a few older drivers from MSI..
- Tried the "Driver booster" application
- Disabled firewall and anti-virus.
- Tried a safe boot (no bluetooth available..)
- Did a registy scan and clean.
- Download drivers from another manufacturer with the same chipset (Dell/HP)
- Add devices via the classic interface (Control panel > Add device)
- Got the "That didn't work" error after trying to add a bluetooth device
- Tried setting the bluetooth support service to "Autostart" so it's always running
- Tried disabling the powersave option for the bluetooth adapter

Still no luck. The device "sees" the devices and get the names correctly so it seems the hardware is OK, leaving a software issue to be the cause of this issue.

It's my work laptop with a lot of software and certificates installed. A reinstall would be a real pain the butt and time consuming.

So it anyone has an idea i would be really happy. I saved the error logs.

Thanks in advance!

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