Windows 10 April Update has left my laptop completely unusable


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May 19, 2018
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Sorry I can't be more precise than that, but the computer is stubbornly refusing to give me error messages or reports.

I'm running Windows 10 on a Sony laptop model PCG-71311M.
I spent most of the day waiting for thr April update to download and install, and the rest of the day and evening trying to get the zoggin' thing working again.

When I switch it on, it goes straight into Rollback mode. I select my keyboard (UK), and it gives me four options.

1) Exit and continue to Windows Rollback, which lets me re-select my keyboard

2) Turn off your PC, which does exactly what it says on the tin

3) Troubleshoot, which lets me pick either 'system restore', 'startup repair', 'go back to previous version' or 'System Image Recovery'.
Whichever of these I pick, it gives me a choice of 'Windows Rollback', or two choices of 'Windows 10 on volume 1'.
Whichever I pick, for whichever of the options, it tells me it can't do that. Either 'no restore points have been created on your computer's system, or 'startup repair couldn't repair your PC' (which claims to leave a logfile but doesn't), or 'we ran into a problem and won't be able to take you back to the previous problem', or 'windows cannot find a system image on this computer'.
It also gives me option to use the command prompt here - calling it up displays the following text
'Microsoft Windows [version 10.0.17134.1]
Not enough memory resources are available to process this command.

X drive? What?

Anyway, there's one thing left: 4) Use another operating system.
This gives the same three options; 'Windows Rollback', or two choices of 'Windows 10 on volume 1'. Picking either of the windows 10 options brings up a sequence of screens telling me how it's installing updates, this might take several minutes, Leave everything to us, almost there', before dumping me onto a version of the desktop where nothing works. Not the windows button that lets you turn off, not the search button. The internet and sound are not functional.
It used to tell me that it couldn't find the desktop, but I managed to fix that partially by using 'Windows R' to copy the desktop from my profile to system32... This brought back the icons, but the other stuff still doesn't work.

Any ideas?


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Jun 2, 2017
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Yeah seen this problem more times than I care to think of. It's been very hit-n-miss for me with a full reset being the route I've chosen 99% of the time because, just like you both, those "easy" options never seem to work 99.9% of the time. And something to note - for whatever reason Windows likes to turn off system restore and appears to happen after an update.

Do you get to a point or have you ever seen the option to "Reset this PC"? If so there's three options once there...

Screenshot-2018-5-20 Recovery options in Windows 10.png

If the above doesn't help, you may have to look into D/L installation media (W10) from Microsoft's website onto USB/DVD and reinstalling OS that way.

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