Windows 10 BSoD System_Thread_Exception_Not_Handled


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Feb 17, 2014
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I'm not sure if this the right place to post this exact kind of question but here it is....
Ok so i recently updated to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 on July 29 and during the installation of Win10 I*got the BSoD error with the*message that 'your pc ran into a problem and*needs to restart?. So I waited for it to restart but it*never did, so I pressed the power button and the*laptop switched off and when I turned it on back*again a few seconds later I got the installation*screen back again and the rest of the installation*continued normally.So all these days my laptop*was working normally.
I was just doing some stuff on Chrome and I left my laptop*on like this for about 30-45 mins coz I had to do some other urgent work (I forgot to put it in sleep mode) and I left the room.
When I came back I noticed the screen was off so I assumed it went*into sleep mode since it was idle for so long butwhen I pressed the enter key so it would wake up*from the sleep mode but nothing happened so I pressed the power button and it booted up till the*windows logo and then after that I got the blue*screen of death error. It said ' Your pc ran into a*problem and needs to restart. You can restart.? it said the*error was system_thread_exception_not_handled.*
it shows this and after a few seconds the laptop*restarts and it boots up and again the same thing*happens, I get the error but it doesn't restart and it just stays on the error screen.

I tried to do the automatic repair thing by using*a usb but it boots and I get the windows logo andit says 'starting automatic repair? but it gets*interrupted and I get the blue error screen again. So i cannot continue with the automatic repair thing..

I read online somewhere that this error pops up*when the graphics driver is outdated or not up to*date. How am I supposed to update the drivers if I*can't even access the desktop or log in???

I also read I should try to boot in safe mode but I*tried constantly pressing the f8 key during startup*but nothing happens, it just freezes at the boot logo.

Plz plz someone tell me what I should do in simple steps. I really don't even know what to try coz I searched everywhere but no one else seems to have this issue.
Any and all possible help will be very much appreciated.

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