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I went into my Hard Drive's properties, and changes the quota data, and it did nothing, it still had the previous quota settings. I also tried adding a quota entry individually but it returned the following error:

"Quota information cannot be added. The user is unknown.
User: 'Insert Username Here' "

I've tried Check Disk, DSIM and i disabled and re-enabled the disk quota multiple times, nothing... Although the disk quota technically still "works", it only uses the previous settings and won't apply any new changes to the drive quota.

also... I tried querying the quota information and it returns this error (it also outputs this error infinitely until you close Command Prompt):

"Error: The parameter is incorrect.

Change time = Wednesday, January 3, 1601 9:56:33 AM
Quota Used = 18859085438976116
Quota Threshold = 32088490948427834
Quota Limit = 27303562373955695"

So... Does anyone know how to reset the disk quota information manually? Do I need to delete a certain file or registry key, or is there a specific tool or command I have to run etc.


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