Windows 10 Install Automatic Update - WIndows.old files deleted

Tyler Ahrens

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Dec 3, 2015
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Yesterday evening I did the Windows 10 upgrade and was initially shocked when my files were missing. However, I looked online and found out that they were in fact hiding out in the Windows.old. So I pulled those files from there and placed them on my desktop, which is where I have them normally.

When I went to sleep Windows did an auto update and now those files are missing. However, all the files I left in the Windows.old are still there and I have access to them and my home screen looks how I had it when I had Windows 7. BUT! All the files I pulled out of Windows.old are now missing.

The weird thing is that I haven't received anymore HDD space, so I believe the files are still there. Searching for them however doesn't reveal anything. If I open Word, I can see my last access to them, but clicking on the file results in an "Unable to Open due to file path" prompt.

Anyone experience this? Anyone know where I can look or do and why were those files deleted again after I moved them from Windows.old to my desktop?????

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