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Windows 10 Mobile Build 10149 on my Nokia Lumia 720

hari pavan

New member
Apr 14, 2014
By far this is the best build for my Lumia 720 as it is very stable without any freezes unlike the previous 3 builds.

In previous 3 builds I had installed win10 and reverted back to Win 8.1 in a couple of hours as I was unable to use on Lumia 720 since the phone would get freezed every time I installed the respective build. I will detail some of the problems which I have encountered on my lumia 720 which is my primary device with win10 mobile build 10149 using it from past 2 days. (Note: I had done hard reset once after installing the build 10149 and started freshly)

•Main issue Messages app wont work and it is a known issue.
>Sometimes some apps wont be functional even though I try to open them by tapping but they wont be opened so I need to reboot the phone.
•Start screen background cannot be changed even if we try it many times.
•To unlock the Lock screen it is taking few extra seconds.
•Notification centre response is also slow.
•Battery icon very small
•Store beta apps installation is very slow
•some folders like Whatsapp pictures are missing in photos app
•Lumia creative studio missing by default but had to download and install from store.
•Had to change from sd to phone to install some apps like skype.
•Store beta fails to open most of the times
•Truecaller fails to install both in phone memory and sd card
•Quiet hours icon flashing in notification panel
•Outlook mail live tile not syncing as the mail arrives
•There is no option to add videos from folders in videos app.
•Cannot view or download the spreadsheet file in office OneNote app which I have downloaded from store beta.
•clicking on an incoming notification like WhatsApp or mail, the respective app is not opening and hence I need to unlock the screen and enter manually into the app.
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