Windows 10 Mobile - Wishlist (pre 10586.164)


Oct 7, 2014
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What I want is to lock all my icons both inside and outside of groups so that they can not be moved, resized or removed from the start screen. Kids Corner only addresses one of those issues by preventing you from removing an app from the start screen. You can still move and resize any app tile in Kids Corner which means my layout is not locked. You cannot create any grouped icons in Kids Corner either, and I have at least 6 groups on my start screen. So Kids Corner does not completely address all of the issues I am concerned with.

Basically, I want Press and Hold on an icon on the start screen to do nothing when it is locked.

What layout? With all due respect did you even launched kids corner? The kids corner means a different layout, so it's not yours, it's customized for your kid.
Look at screenshot of a kids corner I made:
and my own layout when kids corner is not activated.


Rugish Dapeca

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Dec 17, 2015
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Even easier to just put a PIN code on the phone to lock it, then my 3 year old can't do anything at all with the phone. Well, other than possibly locking me out of it by randomly entering codes that are not right as he walks around the living room with it. Kids Corner for a toddler is not the option I am looking for. Call me stubborn, I'll accept that label.


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Jul 2, 2014
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Compulsory transparent and opaque tile toggle in every app. And, a bit difficult task, but, Microsoft need to open source, if not whole, at least some elements of W10M like the Start screen, action center and lock screen. Also they should steeply reduce the royalty (or whatever you call it) paid by manufacturers to them for the use of W10M. This would encourage even the most ignorant manufacturers to embrace WM.

My other wishes:-
1. Aero glass effect in Action center.
2. Well polished Settings app.
3. Default apps selection.
4. Patched appx installation directly from phone storage/SD card.
5. More use of iconography, less use of text in app elements. Text-only is a legacy of WP7. Microsoft doesn't seem to be getting past it.
6. Multiple selection of tiles for moving, resizing and unpinning them simultaneously.
7. Interactive tiles with quick reply and basic media control functions. (btw, we have not yet seen or heard or read anything about the much hyped "Exploding 3D tiles".)
8. Efficient action center with broader usage like app update/download progress with pause/stop function, bluetooth file transfer progress, etc.
9. Use of the space on the left of Start screen. I wish I could swipe right on Start screen.
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Oct 18, 2013
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Isn't that the "Data usage" app with "Set limit" on a specific day to be reset? It's under Network & Wireless...................................................

No that is monthly like the 3rd of every month. Mine rolls over every 30 days so if the month has 31 days it will start a day earlier the next month. This year february has 29 days so next month is a day latter. What I do is go into the calendar to set a reminder every 30 days. I don't know what it is like elsewhere but in Germany prepaid is always 30 days. It would be nice to set and forget.


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Feb 18, 2011
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One minor thing I wish they would add.... Disable notifications for 1 email account (selectable). I have one email account that I use to order stuff on, an with that comes a lot of spam. This is with a total of 3 email accounts on my phone, the other 2 I want notifications on.

I had a Android phone for a week, using with a Pebble watch, and one Nice feature that it did have, where you COULD disable notifications for an account. I was able to disable that, sure it would show on the icon that there was X amount of messages but, my watch would not go off every 5 min because a spam message came in...


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Nov 4, 2013
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Wishing I wasn't forced to have Cortana on the search button.
Right now the search button for me has no purpose.
I never press it unless by accident (which is often and irritating)

What would be nice is if I could assign the button to an app or function that I used more often.
I'd like to see the search button open the apps list and the apps list window available as a pinable tile.
Scrolling the apps on the list is a bit tiresome at least there's a search bar above it (for people with a good memory)

Small wants that I think would fit into the OS for the convenience of the user.
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Nov 3, 2011
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Since W10M has now been released officially, there is no longer a point to wishing for features to show up in in Threshold (10586.164). We now know with certainty what is and what isn't in it.

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