Windows 10: Today's Update bORKED Me & My OS


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Apr 6, 2014
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I am getting some serious issues after rebooting my PC today to install updates!
My Service Host DCOM is using g 30+% of my CPU after the reboot and when I click on any windows apps on the task bar nothing happens.
I cannot open edge, mail, or the windows start menu and I get nothing when right clicking.
If I open chrome it just sits at a white screen with a page unresponsive showing.
Trying to uninstall silverlight that was installed with the update today but that is just stuck on preparing to remove.
This update seriously has screwed my computer... Well done MS. =(

Tried doing a system restore back to March 11th but it just keeps failing with an 0x80070091 error.

I uninstalled the update (2017-03 Delta Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB4013429))and restarted.
Once my computer restarted it showed an update processing that went to 100% and then went back to my desktop with the same exact issues and problems.
I went back into my uninstall programs and uninstalled the update again and restarted.
It show the update was uninstalled so I reinstalled the latest update (i downloaded while in safe mode) and the same issue persists. :eck:
Opening any webpage goes into not responding, cannot open anything windows related on my taskbar (only via My PC on my windows drive folders), and the DCOM server process is using 30%+ of my CPU.

Am I going to have to do a wipe and reinstall of windows now?
This is so ridiculous. :crying:

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