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Windows 10 update error!!


WPCentral Question

hi guys i have hp model G62 i wanted to upgrade to windows 10 and it worked but after start up the screen was black without even a cursor so i had to turn off my pc which in turn restored widows 7 some one help me plz this is pissing me off!!


Retired Senior Ambassador
Aug 26, 2014
When I upgraded, my screen remained black without the cursor for over 10 minutes, after which I decided to go to bed and check on it in the morning. The next morning, everything was fine. It takes a while to do its work, and I just had to give it more time.

Turning it off at this point is not suggested. How long to wait exactly I cannot say, since I left on the computer overnight while I slept. My suggestion is to attempt it again when you can give it that time to work overnight.

Please see the thread How-to Get Started with Windows 10 which will give you links to further ways to troubleshoot your possible issue.

If you still are unable to overcome this issue, please register for an account and return to post in this same thread so that we can assist you further with it.