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Windows 10


New member
Jul 14, 2015
Hi! I'm a windows insider, I also reserved a copy of widows 10 for my desktop and laptop. Whenever the previews show up in my WU and I try to install them I always get an error message. None of them have I been able to install. This has me very concerned when I receive the final upgrade. My desktop is a Dell Inspiron One, my laptop is a Toshiba. In my programs and features I only have 21 programs listed, so I should have plenty of disk space. So I don't get it. I did have to do many system restores because of problems with IE 11. With the upgrade to windows 8.1 pro which is what I am running now, I see messages where files are missing when I try to refresh. Could these missing files be the reason I can't upgrade? Or is there something wrong with my WU? I have troubleshooted, but it doesn't show that anything is wrong. All the error messages I get from trying to upgrade to windows 10 preview has no help info for the number they give me. Huh? Can someone please help me with this, I sure would appreciate this.