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Windows 8 Phone - Shows SMS sent but recipients don't receive the message. Why?

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Windows 8 Phone - Shows SMS sent but receiptents don't receive the message.

I noticed a behaviour of my phone. I can compose an SMS message and send it. The message displays as sent time stamp and all. When chase up the person that to respond. They say they haven't received it. If I restart the phone the message are then sent and received.

The first smart phone I had with bug. I used Apple, Android, HP and Samsung smart phone OS without issue.

It is Telstra modified OS in Australia. Lumina 930.


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Nov 12, 2012
Re: Windows 8 Phone - Shows SMS sent but receiptents don't receive the message.

Failed SMS is very often a carrier side issue. It sounds like it in this case since a reboot actually sends the message.

One factor is that SMS must go over carrier data. Is WiFi on and connected when these failures occur? You could try shutting off WiFi when engaged in SMS conversations...

Additionally, you might ask your mobile carrier for a reprovision: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provisioning

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