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Windows 8 update Laptop = Internet Explorer Problems


New member
Jun 20, 2011
This morning I installed all of the new updates that came out on Windows 8 yesterday and all of a sudden I can't go to Domain Names | The World's Largest Domain Name Registrar - GoDaddy. It has worked fine but now that I have installed the updates it does not work. Can anyone else confirm that they are having this problem?


What I see is this isn't so much about godaddy.com, as it is about http://go.redirectingat.com. The link embedded in the text to godaddy must first pass through a redirect which counts the hits and somebody gets paid for page hits.

The byline is this:

"If you’ve landed on this page, you may be wondering exactly what it’s all about.

We’re Skimlinks — a service that helps online publishers earn money.
When links in publishers’ content lead their users to click through and buy from an online retailer, we make sure they’re rewarded!
We aim to make our service seamless and unobtrusive, so your user experience should not be interrupted. If you’ve landed on this page and didn’t mean to, unfortunately you’ve most likely clicked on a broken link along the way. Links can be broken if they are badly formatted; if you spot any again, we’d advise reporting these to the site owner.

- Team Skimlinks "

I installed the updates too and IE goes exactly where you expected the link to go.