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Jul 8, 2011
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So I made a bad mistake this morning and changed my windows live id from and old email address to something that made more sense.
Windows live acted like this wouldn't be a problem and it was not on the computer, zune software and on my xbox.
The problem is my windows phone.
As best as I can tell I am unable to change the log in name on the phone without having to do a hard reset.
(though if this is wrong please tell me)
Since I know of no easy way to back up the phone (and backing it up might keep the problem anyway) I decided to write down all my important contacts and all of my good apps and just reinstall them after restarting the phone.
Then I realized that even though I think I can redownload all the games I have bought I might lose the saves.
Do windows phones have cloud saves for games?
Is there anyway I can back up the phone and still change the live id?
Is there a way I can maybe crack into the phine files and edit my windows live id where I can log into my live account without reseting my phone?
Any help would be great, and I thank you in advance, because I have been having a bad tech day!


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Dec 16, 2010
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well ,

for the SAVED games , sadly their is no * cloud save* thing , if you remvoe an app and re-instal it , you need to start over , I know this cause i had tore restart countless times :(

for the LIVE ID , its not to hard to change. the way MS say u need to do it , go on your Xbox 360 , in MY BOX area go to Manage account - Windows Live ID - change windiows live ID .. they claim this can take up to 8hour to effect your phone once you hit REFRESH.

Im prety sure apps and such are link to your GAMER TAG and NOT your windows LIVE id so this shouldnt be a problme to get your old apps back.

hope this help

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