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Windows Phone 7.5 frequently asked questions.

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Dave Blake

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Jan 11, 2008
Windows Phone 7.5 frequently asked questions

As the forums Admin I read allot of posts where people ask similar questions so I am writing this as a quick reference for those new to Windows Phone. I hope it will be helpful in answering some of your Windows Phone questions. I will update this post from time to time as things change. If you have suggestions for this thread please PM those to me as this thread will remain closed for clarity and future updates. If you have specific questions about anything in this thread or anything else please post up we are here to help.

Here they are in completely random order.

Q) Can I have custom Ringtones on my device?
A) Yes more information HERE

Q) Can I have custom Alert Tones on my device?
A) No not at this point in time

Q) Does Windows Phone support Flash if not will it in the future?
A) Simple answer is not at this time Microsoft is not working on integrating Flash into the OS.

Q) Can a contact have more than one saved Mobile number?
A) No, not unless you create "two different" contacts, and then link them together. They behave as one, but can have multiple mobile numbers, etc.

Q) How come Windows phone doesn't’t have arrow keys for moving the courser around when editing text.
A) You can easily take control of the courser in windows phone by tapping and holding on any text box. A courser will appear over your finger you can then drag the courser to anywhere in the text box.

Q) Can I control the status lights on my HTC device to flash when I have a new email etc…?
A) No you can’t control the status lights some devices like all Samsung WP devices don’t even have status lights.

Q) Can I control or there an app to control my devices Ringer setting something similar to Bedside Mode on BB
A) No, you can change some settings manually but there are not any apps available for this at this time. You can tap the volume button the in the top right corner there is a bell tap on the bell to put the device in silent or vibrate mode. If you must want to stop the email tones some use battery saver to stop email alerts this will still allow the Phone and Text messages alerts while not allowing the Email alerts to go off.

Q) Why does my WIFI go to sleep after I let my device go to sleep?
A) This is set up in WP to help conserve battery there is no settings to change this.

Q) How do I or can I backup my device information to move to another device?
A) Backing up PIM information is done through Windows live, Pictures, Music, Videos things like that are backed up through Zune. There is currently no other way of backing up a device without using a Homebrew app. These apps require you have an unlocked device.

Q) Will the current Windows Phone devices Support Windows Phone 8 (Apollo)
A) I’m not sure we really don’t have enough information about this next step to say either way.

Q) How come I don't have the alphabet sort tiles in my apps list?
A) You have to have 40 or more apps in your apps list to get the Sort tiles to appear. If you have less than 40 apps the tiles wont appear.

Q) What is this icon on my Status Bar what does it mean.
A) All you need to know about Status Bar Icons in this from the Windows Phone Team. Status Bar Icons

Q) Will there be any other updates besides Apollo(Windows Phone 8)
A) Yes we are looking forwarded to the Tango(Windows Phone 7.5 refresh) update to be released mid summer
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