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May 28, 2013
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I'm just posting this in case someone else might want to do it but didn't think of it.

Because I find WP to be the best phone platform, particularly going forward, I wanted to help people with similar needs discover Windows Phones. Microsoft and carrier marketing sure don't get the job done and neither do most sales people who play the odds by pushing what sells the most.

I started with a L521 and quickly realized I liked the platform and wanted a "nicer" model. So I grabbed a L925 when HSN and Newegg were practically giving them away. That was probably a mistake because although better in every other way, I missed the SD card and had to cut back on the on-board music and maps although in reality I didn't really need the complete maps for the US.

During that time frame I started giving L521s as gifts to people I knew who still used feature phones. I plan to continue giving inexpensive WPs as gifts if the recipient still uses a feature phone but they are becoming fewer and farther between, particulaly in my circle.

I decided to solve the SD issue with the L925 with an L1520.3. My wife had recently replaced her L521 with an L635 and she decided to take my L925 because she didn't need the SD storage.

So I had two L521s and an L635 just sitting. One is a backup for either her L925 or my L1520. I was looking for what to do with the two additional phones. They don't have much value and I didn't want the hassles of CGing or eBaying them.

So I decided to set them up and loan them to people who were iPhone or Android users and struck me as open minded.

I just add the phone(s) to my T-Mobile family plan. It only costs me $10/month (plus tax) per extras line. That way they can play with WP without moving SIMs or having compatibility issues with their carrier. I create a Microsoft account for each borrower and install free apps I think they would use then I give them a brief overview and turn them loose. The worst case is they break or loose the thing and I'm saved from CL hell.

I haven't been doing it for long but already have one iPhone and one Android convert. One bought a new Lumia and the other says they are going to buy a new WP soon.

So if you have some spare phones laying around and don't mind spending $10/month to make some converts, think about it. I don't know what other carriers charge for additional lines and I don't know what you have to do with other carriers to prevent the borrower from racking up any fees or charges. I know with T-Mobile I can restrict anything that can add to the bill (e.g. directory assistance, etc.). I use a feature that normally costs $5 a month to manage those things but they give it away to "good customers" on request and you may be able to manage the same things with requests to CS.

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