Would you still buy a Band 2?


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Dec 10, 2013
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The Original Band was solid. I still wear and use mine daily. My wife got a Band 2 and it has been nothing but problems. Like so many times in the past Microsoft is again messing up and dropping a great product. Remember in 1999 and the early 2000's when Microsoft was promoting the Windows Phone and Tablet PC's? Only to lose that market to Apple and others. The Surface is a return to greatness on the tablet front. Just think if they would not of lost the phone business to Apple. They also had an opportunity to buy YouTube for next to nothing but chose to create their own Soapbox service that promptly tanked. The wearable health computer is the next big product and Microsoft is walking away from that business. I am liking what I am seeing out of Samsung. They are going to be my replacement for my Band.

As a one off, I'd buy a brand new Band 2 for $50.

Short term I think those who like smartwatches will eventually gravitate toward Samsung. Fitbit and Garmin have the mainstream fitness device market pretty much to themselves at this point. One reason why Microsoft didn't have a Band 2 replacement this year? Look how competitive it is out there. Fitbit increased R&D by 90%. That's the reason why Fitbit can release several new products every year. They keep adding features as the overall price stays the same or falls. Technology, right? Microsoft probably was not willing to keep pace with the Fitbits and Garmins to stay competitive. The overall market for bands isn't big enough to produce the (presumably higher margin) profits that the cloud can generate for a huge company like a Microsoft anyway.


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Feb 27, 2015
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I don't mind trying new devices but some key features of the Band that would be hard to find in one replacement device:
- Compatibility with Win 10 Mobile (e-Mail, text, generic app notifications; text replies from the watch).
- Speaking to Cortana through the Band.
- On-board GPS

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