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WP 8.1 : Moved all apps on memory card. And card got corrupted.


New member
May 8, 2013
Updated my Lumia 1320 to 8.1. Moved all my apps to my memory card. But my memory card got corrupted and became unusable. Bought a new card, but all my apps show as unavailable. I tried reinstalling the apps, but gives an error 8103010d. Will i have to reset my phone? Since i have all my setting and messages backed up, it should restore and automatically download all my apps. Or should i just uninstall and reinstall all my apps??

Jiri Matejka

Aug 29, 2014
I would reset the phone to default settings and load all form backup. You will likely have to reinstall your apps manually (am not sure) but the apps are definitely linked to your MS account so you won't need to buy them again, just install. But remember it may not apply to in-app purchases (eg. level in a game) you may need to buy such products again.