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WPCentral Question

What happened to the WP Central podcast? Is it coming back?

Daniel Rubino

Staff member
Jan 19, 2006
What happened to the WP Central podcast? Is it coming back?

It definitely should. Sam, myself and probably Mark need to hash out a good time and straighten out a few things with stupid Google Hangouts/YouTube. Personally, I really, really, really hate using anything Google, not for ideological reasons, but because I find it impossible to navigate with multiple accounts and how they are always changing.

So we need to work out a time, the tech behind it for streaming and recording, etc. as Jay is just too busy to work around these days. Combined with ton o' news we are covering, plus the reviews I have to do, it's a tad overwhelming. We are having a conference call today, so fingers crossed we will try to make progress on it.