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WP Plugin for generating report reliability index based on a questionnaire.

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WPCentral Question

Hi there, I am kind of new to WP and I am doing a thesis project based on WP responsive website here in Sydney. I am telling in advance that this is not an assignment and I can officially get help with regards to WP plugins and/or WP modules with no plagiarism issue.
My question is, is there any module or plugin that can generate a reliability index based on certain questions? For example I have a bunch of questions which the user is answering (form filling) and then based on those answers I get to know whether the report (through form posting) is genuine or not, in other words, I will either accept it, reject it, or send it to admin for further verification.
Kind of like getting one mark for each questions and if the total marks are less than a certain value then the report is considered as rejected, but this idea is somehow not that great as I could have some very high priority questions which require no further verification and the report is accepted straightaway.
I do not know whether I have written my query clearly? Please let me know if you require any further info, and please help me I have to find this plugin/module/algorithm.

F Khan
VU Sydney