Where can I buy a "female USB to micro USB" for my Nokia Lumia 930

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Good morning all;

I am currently running a Nokia Lumia 930 on Windows 10

Model : RM-1045

The Firmware Update Notifier is

Application Version

I have recently purchased an camera from eBay but it seems to have the wrong micro USB plug that will not fit my phone.

It has a normal USB and a flip up to reveal a micro USB.

I have been looking round for some kind of "converter plug / lead"

On my travels I came across "OTG" to throw into the mix.

But I see elsewhere on this Forum "OTG" will not work with my phone.


My questions are as follows;

Can anybody recommend a "converter plug / lead" that will allow me to go from camera normal USB to my Nokia Lumia 930 micro USB this would in effect be "Female USB to Male micro USB" that does not use the OTG standard.

Lastly I have downloaded the software but it has come as a Zip file and after installing WinZip it keeps point me to Adobe reader and will not let me go any further even though I have installed reader.

So the question is does anybody either have any knowledge of a site to go to for WinZip or WinRAR without the add-ons I fully appreciate that's how they make their money but I am getting really frustrated now.
The item works because I tried on my desktop running Windows 7

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards


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