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Mar 5, 2007
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Can we start a WP7 tips and tricks thread for those who may not have read the manual? I didn't see one and thought this tips/feature thread might be a good starting point for those who may have just picked up a WP7 phone.

-Holding the Windows button brings up the voice command feature.
-Downloading music using Zune pass instead of buying via carrier billing by clicking and holding on the album or song.-(there is a thread in this forum for this)
-Holding down the camera button will start the camera even while locked.
-For those with limited data plans go through the applications list in settings menu and disable automatic upload of videos and pictures.
-In pictures hub if click and hold you can change the hub background picture.
-Camera button has two detents like a point and shoot. Also has an anti-shake and macro mode in the settings.
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Daniel Rubino

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Jan 19, 2006
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I'm pretty sure only the Samsung phones have anti-shake. HTC's have the basic WP7 camera settings, which are very, very basic.


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Dec 16, 2010
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people HUB

click and hold = Seting = Import contacts from SIM ( i know people dint know how to do that )

- BTW : holding down camera button on lock : you have to hold it untill you feel your phone VIBRATE then release and camera will work. they made it liek that to prevent accidentle pocket pics. :)

- to run a search in the marketplace ( took me FOR EVER TO FIND THIS!! ) , once IN the market place , hit the SEARCH button beside the WINDOWS button. lol :p
( i originaly thought it would just run the normal BING search )

- Setings ( for diffrent HUBS ) once your in a HUB at bottun where you have options . theres always 3 little DOTS , click ont hat to expend your Options/setings.


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Dec 30, 2009
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This one's from Windows Mobile so it's not new for some of us, but you can dial numbers by calling the actual number out. Hold down the start button and say either "call" or "dial" and then the number. You don't even have to speak each of the digits, for instance if the number you want to call is 800-555-1212, you can say "call eight hundred, five five five, twelve twelve". You don't want to get too exotic with the numbers though.

I had to call a store and found the number off of the receipt. Decided to give this a shot and it works flawlessly. Much easier than dialing and it doesn't take you out of your current app.

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