WP8 to WP8 requires credits...what gives??


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Nov 19, 2012
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I just installed Skype onto my phone and my wife's (both of us have HTC 8X). When I attempt to make a Skype call to my wife's phone or vise-versa, Skype message pops up "Insufficient credit...add a little Skype credit to your account to call mobiles and landlines at great low rates." I'm confused why Skype calls from desktop to desktop are free whereas on mobile they charge.

I'm especially disappointed in this Skype restriction because my intent was to use Skype for video calls only (my mobile plan has unlimited minutes so I don't need Skype for voice calling) and show it off to my iPhone friends...you know, rub it in that Windows Phone/Microsoft ecosystem is on par with Apple. But alas, my friends with iPhones are laughing at me while they Facetime all day long.

Am I missing something?....is there a way to use Skype mobile to mobile...more specifically WP8 to WP8 for video calls without paying? Or is Microsoft pulling a Microsoft-esque move with Skype...."mobile first, cloud first" but we're really going to make sure you wish you chose one of our competitors for your day-to-day mobile uses??


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May 4, 2012
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Make sure you are selecting the username, and not the phone number of that username. When you use Skype to a phone number, you need credits (will be a voice call), but Skype to Skype usernames (will be a voice or video, your choice) you do not (just a data plan that has enough data via the phone, or Wi-Fi).

Just go into the Skype App, and select a Skype user that is online (if they are off line, you can leave a message). I routinely Skype to Skype my friends from my phone (either I initiate the connection, or they do) and don't use any credits.

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