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Mar 17, 2011
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Item Description: Sprint HTC Arrive
Price: $175
Condition: No scratches or dents
Includes:Original package, battery, charger, USB cable, official HTC carrying holster
Item Location: Hartford, CT
Shipping Details: Will ship anywhere in the US
Payment Options: PayPal or Cash in person
Contact Info: PM me

I switched to AT&T for the Nokia Lumia 900. I want to sell my old phone which is the Sprint HTC Arrive for $175. I've had it for a year. It has no scratches or dents. The chrome HTC letters on the battery cover came off from the rubbing against the carrying holster (summer heat soften the adhesive stuff used to hold the letters in place). You could get a replacement door with the chrome letters on for about $10. I will sell it with a carrying case which is the official HTC leather holster. The phone is fully functional, running Mango, clean ESN. It's perfect for anyone with Sprint who wants to try out Windows Phone for the first time or even a backup phone for an existing WP user

PM me if you have any questions

PS: The scratches you see on screen are on the screen protector. The flash makes it look more dramatic than it really is
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