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Aug 2, 2013
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This thread was originally posted by coip in Gamers Lounge, I feel it really fits the theme in this area as well so I'm reposting it here. Here's the link to the original thread:

This thread is about the #SaveXboxWP movement, how and why it got started, how it has evolved, and where it is now. Please read this original post below and, if you care about Xbox gaming on Windows Phone, please participate by calling out to Microsoft executives via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so forth and telling them we want our Xbox games on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT.

Like many of you, one of the coolest features that drew me to the Windows Phone and Surface realms was the ability to play Xbox-branded games on my phone and tablet. Microsoft had a slow start to the mobile market, meaning they've been trying to play catch-up to the more established app ecosystems of iOS and Android. We have fewer games, and the ones we do get come later. Sure, that wasn't ideal, but we had a trump card that made it all worth it: Xbox achievements. Whereas our naive friends on Android and iPhone were wasting their time playing boring, normal games, we were expanding our Gamerscore and enjoying the social aspects of Xbox Live gaming. It more than made up for the aforementioned deficiencies.

But, what launched with a lot of promise on Windows Phone 7 has slowly been dying in front of our eyes. Over the past year, we were initially confused by the slowdown in Xbox releases (Xbox games used to release weekly, but recently we're lucky to get one per month, and seemingly no more are coming). This slowdown in Xbox releases seemed counterintuitive, as we assumed that, with the steady growth of the platform we'd see a steady growth in our mobile Xbox libraries. That initial confusion was then replaced by concern as we saw Xbox titles getting delisted--some for good, some, like Doodle Jump and Chickens Can't Fly, being re-released without Xbox achievements. To throw salt in the wound Microsoft brought Xbox titles to iOS and Android, giving them Wordament, Kinectimals, and also announched Age of Empires (forthcoming). Microsoft was literally spending valuable time and resources to support competitor's platforms rather than fix their own!

Back on Windows Phone, while losing Xbox titles from indie developers or smaller publishers was disconcerting, we took solace in the fact that, at least we could count on the big publisher--like EA, Ubisoft, Miniclip, Rovio, and Gameloft--to continue pumping out high quality, big budget Xbox games on Windows Phone and Windows 8. Rumors in August suggested bigger studios were considering releasing future games without Xbox branding as well. Soon thereafter Rail Rush by Miniclip launched without Xbox branding, portending what occured today (13 November 2013): Gameloft launched Asphalt 8 on both Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT without Xbox achievements, confirming earlier rumors.

Is this the beginning of the end of Xbox games on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT? It could be. Or, we can mobilize and let our voices be heard. Microsoft won't change anything if they don't hear from their passionate customers that this is not okay with us. So, let them have it. Email them, Facebook them, and Tweet them your opinion. Here is a list of Twitter accounts to get your started. Be sure to include the #SaveXboxWP hashtag to keep track of each other's tweets and retweet them.

Microsoft / Xbox / Windows Phone Empolyees
@notwen (Marc Whitten, Corporate Vice President, Xbox)
@XboxP3 (Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios VP)
@MrPhilHarrison (Phil Harrison, Corporate vice president of Microsoft)
@majornelson (Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Xbox LIVE)
@joebelfiore (Joe Belfiore, Corporate vice president and manager for Windows Phone Program Management)
@toddbrix (Todd Brix, General Manager of Windows Apps and Store Team)
@aarongreenberg (Microsoft Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios)
@BenThePCGuy (Microsoft evangelist; star of several Microsoft commercials)

Corporate Microsoft Accounts

Gameloft Accounts
@OofitsRyan (Community Manager for Gameloft)

ID@Xbox Accounts
@ID_Xbox (Independent Developers Publishing Program for Xbox One) [you can also email them at ID@Xbox.com]
@iocat (Chris Charla, Directof of ID@Xbox at Microsoft)
@albertpenello (Albert Penello, Lead planner for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Kinect)

Rovio Accounts

Electronic Arts Accounts

UPDATE 1: On 2 December 2013 Gameloft released Dungeon Hunter 4 on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT without Xbox achievements. That's their second consecutive non-Xbox game. We need to mobilize to reverse the trend. Microsoft and Gameloft won't fix the problem if they don't here from us, so let's step up our Twitter campaign to #SaveXboxWP.

UPDATE 2: On 4 December 2013 Sam wrote an article about the ID@Xbox program which enables and encourages indie game developers to publish their games more easily on Xbox One. This is a great program and it absolutely needs to be extended to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8/RT. So, let's continue the #SaveXboxWP Twitter campaign by starting to ding the following relevant accounts (published above).

UPDATE 3: On 10 December 2013 Paul announced that, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, the third consecutive Gameloft game on Windows Phone without Xbox integration, just launched. The outlook looks bleak based on Paul's comments in another thread, but I for one am not going down without a fight. Help me let Microsoft executives on Twitter know that they royally screwed this one up by not supporting Xbox on WP.

UPDATE 4: On 11 December 2013 Rovio launched Angry Birds Go! without Xbox integration. It is their first non-Xbox game on WP. They've joined Gameloft in abandoning the platform. I've added the relevant Twitter accounts to the list above. Start Tweeting Rovio along with Microsoft and Gameloft in the #SaveXboxWP Twitter crusade. Our hopes now lie with EA, Ubisoft, and Microsoft Studios as the only major publishers left who have yet to officially abandon Xbox on WP.

UPDATE 5: On 13 December 2013, EA stripped Tetris Blitz of Xbox branding with an update, removing the Xbox banner from the game art in the Windows Phone store. By 18 December 2013, the Xbox banner was back up and Xbox achievements are still (and always were) in the game. So, the good news is that there is no evidence that EA has joined the dark side and given up Xbox support on Windows Phone games. Nevertheless, I've added EA's Twitter accounts to the collection above. Tweet them and tell them we appreciate their support of Xbox gaming on Windows Phone and are awaiting new titles from them.

UPDATE 6: On 15 December 2013, we finally have some promising news! Today Microsoft Studios VP Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) replied to a #SaveXboxWP tweet made by our comrade @phstratton. Here is Phil's reply: "You'll see new WP releases from us this year. Feel great about lineup of phones and 1st party will support". This is huge news because it means that the #SaveXboxWP movement has been acknowledged by a major Microsoft executive. Our hard work is paying off. Keep it up, everyone!


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Aug 2, 2013
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The new rabbids game also launched with xbl, but sadly the new gameloft game did not. Gameloft is usually really good about supporting xbl on WP.

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