Unsurprisingly, most voters in our poll think Xbox games should remain console exclusive


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May 16, 2023
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Not surprised.
The choices were not phrased the best way.

First, Microsoft owns all the studios in question and saying all Microsoft studio games must be exclusive is a clear non-starter. Never going to happen.

Second, nobody who actually owns XBOX hardware is going to say no exclusives so that 19% is immediately suspect. And the survey had no way to verify responder investment.

A proper set of responses would've started by clarifying that existing, active multiplat franchises are off limits. (Does anybody seriously think Doom and COD will ever be XBOX exclusive? Minecraft? Diablo? WOW?)

The questions needed to specify *new* franchises and new games in fallow IPs (Hexen, Pitfall, Guitar Hero, etc.)

Then they needed to distinguish between day-and-date cross plat, timed exclusives, and signature exclusives.

A moot point, now, as whatever MS is doing will be clarified in less than 24 hours.

Finally, it should be noted that Sarah Bond's promotion notice explicitly listed XBOX hardware as her responsibility. And a month later they're going to kill that?

The rumors could have and should have been put to rest in hours if somebody at XBOX was actually awake. That it wasn't is a far bigger problem than a handful of past or future games going timed.

That is the real story nobody is reporting.
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