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May 19, 2011
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Xbox Live Questions on WP7

I couldn't find my answers in a search so here we go.

I am pretty sure xbox live messaging is supported but chat is not...does anyone know if Mango will support this so we could do xbox live chatting with someone on an xbox?

Also when you get a new message on live does the live tile show you that you have a message? Sort of like a new text message?

Finally are you shown as "online" when on your phone to someone who is on an xbox? If not can you make that happen or do you become "online" when you play a game?

I am not a WP7 owner yet but I have a connection to get a trophy and I believe I will be switching within the next 2 weeks to the trophy from the droid x. I have also been through the iphone too and I am extremely excited to own a WP7 device.


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Jan 9, 2011
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Live chat isn't currently available but recieved messages are shown on the Game hub tile as a number. Currently you aren't shown as being online when you're on your phone, but the dashboard on the console and does say last seen 5 mins ago using Windows phone 7 etc.

Any achievements you get on your phone do show up on the console as normal which is nice.

No idea if Mango will support live chat but i'm sure they will have plans to improve the xbox and WP7 integration further.

Here's a little video of the avatar interaction included in the forthcoming Mango update.

Love the way he messes with the Metro interface then walks off in disgust LOL

Note he has a WP7 Prop grrrrr gimme gimme!
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