Xbox One Streaming Is Great But...

Joshua Jackson

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Nov 20, 2012
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I've been enjoying being able to stream Xbox One games to my Windows 10 computer.
I liked it so much that I posted a thread about it.
But, now I'm finding a couple other things that I want to do.
To me, they seem supplementary/complementary to Xbox One streaming.

I would like to be able to insert an Xbox One/360 disc, into my Windows 10 computer, and play it.
It would seem to be a logical progression.
Then, you could play your Xbox One games, remotely.

Also, I would like to be able to stream my Windows Phone games to my Windows 10 computer.
I have Windows 10 Mobile, so there must be ability for Windows 10 to play them.
I'm not referring to installing a UWP game on both devices, I'm talking about streaming to the computer (just like the Xbox One does).
I could do Miracast, but my monitor doesn't support it.
If if it did, I wouldn't be controlling it on my computer (the monitor would just be a display).
It should be something that either the Windows Phone or Xbox apps can do.
I'm playing Final Fantasy 3, on my phone, while doing some work.
It would be cool to just Alt+Tab to my game, instead of reaching for my phone (and vice-versa).

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