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Jan 14, 2011
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I realize there are other threads going for the whole memory card debate but I just didn't want my post to get lost in the vast sea of them. I am starting this thread so please forgive me.

I have been lurking on the forums for sometime now reading up on this topic. I finally received my Focus and absolutely love it!

It seems like there is no rhyme or reason why some people have had success and some people haven't. Some people swear by one card and yet another person will claim it doesn't work at all for them. I am assuming it's due to the OS itself and am hoping that if the NoDo update is ever, ever released that it will hopefully address this issue.

I am gonna hold off on buying and using a card until it becomes more stable. My question is this. If I am purchasing and install apps, adding photos, music etc. Am I going to lose them all when I have to format the phone when I finally add a card?

I have read that if you use Zune to download and install all your apps, and make sure you sync it before you format the phone for the memory card that it will automatically replace all your apps, pics, music etc after the card is installed. Is this true? Just don't want to sink a bunch of money into apps and tunes only to lose it all when I finally add a card.

Thanks in advance for any info!!!


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Nov 9, 2010
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The apps you purchase are linked to your LiveID so you won't have to repurchase ANY of the apps as long as you use the same LiveID when you reactivate your phone after the card is installed

If you purchase the apps through the Zune desktop software, they'll be automatically reinstalled on your phone when you resync it after the format. If you purchase the apps on the phone, you'll probably want to make a list of all of the apps you have because you'll have to manually redownload those after the format. If it's a paid app, you'll just reinstall it like normal. The button when you go to reinstall it will still say "Buy Now" or whatever, but when you click it, it will tell you that you've already purchased the app and ask you if you'd like to redownload it.

As long as you sync your phone prior to the reformat, all of the music and photos will be moved to your PC. You'll probably need to manually put them back on the phone after the format. I don't recall the sync putting them back on my phone, because after you format the phone, the Zune desktop software considers it a "new device".

So long answer short, no. As long as you keep using the same LiveID, you won't lose any of your purchases. :)

edit: and from the XDA Developers forum, here's the list of confirmed working Micro SD cards -

Confirmed Working(Data remains after soft reset):

Centon 8GB Class 6

Kingston 4GB Class 4
Kingston 16GB Class 4

Microcenter 16GB Class 2

Patriot 16GB Class 2

PNY 8GB Class 4
PNY 16GB Class 2

SanDisk 8GB Class 2
SanDisk 16GB Class 4


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Oct 12, 2010
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Also keep in mind that any data stored "locally" in 3rd party apps won't be restored once you re-download the app after the reset. So for example, when I reset my phone, I lost all my workout data in MobiFit because it was stored locally and there's no means of backing up that data to Zune. Meanwhile, all my cards in KeyRing were restored because that data was synced with my online keyring account. All settings will also be lost.

You don't have to manually make a list of your apps - all of them are listed in Zune under Settings>Accounts>Purchase History (Apps). This list can't be copied or sorted, however.

I *thought* I had read that NoDo includes proper back-up and restore functionality, but I don't think it was mentioned in the update change log that MS released. I know some perople were waiting to install their sd cards until after NoDo was released, assuming they would have a smoother back up and restore process.

@mgarcia Is that list of working cards from the OP of the XDA thread? I don't think it's been updated in quite some time. I read through most of thread and currently, the only 16 GB card that is working is the Samsung Class 2 from ebay seller nikolai9770. This is the card that I purchased and I've been using it for over 2 weeks with no issues thusfar. *Knock on wood* The Sandisk might be the only other 16gb with no reported issues. Here's the thread, OP. Start from the last page.

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