1. kxs783kms#WP's Avatar
    Hello WME! To start, I'm a newbie. I should be receiving my Verizon TP2 tomorrow and I was just wondering what all do I need to download and put on my device to make it better on the first day? From the research I've done, it 's already a great phone, but I've read about the beta 6.5 and things of that nature that I can flash right now. So are there any suggestions on what I might need or want? Your reply's would be greatly appreciated.
    09-16-2009 10:49 PM
  2. Dave Blake's Avatar
    There is really a lot of good fun stuff out there to play with but I recommend for the first 2 weeks just use your new PPC just the way it is then after you are comfortable with how your TP2 works start loading some programs. When your ready and you know how things should work you can start with the ROM updates. Remember when you do start loading ROM's that these are very early and buggy versions of WM 6.5 if you need your PPC to be reliable they probably wont work for you.
    09-17-2009 06:40 AM
  3. xmissyx's Avatar
    I just got mine yesterday and I think it's an awesome phone, right out of the box. The only application that I downloaded was Facebook for WinMo. I agree with Big D. I just want to make sure I figure out how to properly use it before I start throwing apps. I have heard that Skyfire is a highly recommended browser, compared to Opera and Internet Explorer, which are both included on the phone. I haven't tried it yet but I am thinking about it.
    09-17-2009 07:42 AM
  4. kxs783kms#WP's Avatar
    Hey thanks alot Big D5 and xmissyx! How that you two have mentioned it, I think I'll do just that. Hold off for a week or two and start adding things that I need here and there. Although, I think I'll hold off until the official launch of 6.5 now that you've put me up on that info D5. I'll probably stick with the more simple add ons like downloading Facebook(*which I really would want right away.*) Again, thanks to the both of you.
    09-17-2009 10:01 AM
  5. tada1096's Avatar
    just wondering does the TP2 have flash? or can you download it at least. it would be sweet to play facebook games on the phone
    09-17-2009 03:35 PM
  6. Dave Blake's Avatar
    This sounds like a job for Skyfire!? Maybe but I haven't tried it
    09-17-2009 04:27 PM
  7. ejonny's Avatar
    I highly recommend Kinoma. I completely understand the concern about having to re-load things after 6.5 is released. But to me Kinoma and MoTweets (and FaceBook) are the critical add ons.
    09-20-2009 05:04 PM