1. bluevmax92's Avatar
    i have just purchased a t-mobile touch pro 2 :D
    and am trying to figure out where and how to update the touchflo3d to display the weather next to the clock on the main screen. is this done by updating the touchflo3d version or is it simpler like spb shell or is it deeper like updating to WINMO 6.5? when is that ever gonna become official and availaable for download. lots of questions pending and i'm left standing here holding a 500 dollar phone with no support from microsoft or HTC. both are being tight lipped and im very new to the wmexpert forums and Xda developers way of life. someone help me with the little things in life?

    phone is t-mobile touch pro 2 with
    stock rom 1.20.531.4 (51986) wwe
    rom date 06/08/09
    radio version
    11-06-2009 09:05 AM
  2. jfa1's Avatar
    I believe that it is in the touchflow3d version which needs updating for the weather to operate as you are wanting.
    11-06-2009 02:45 PM
  3. Dave Blake's Avatar
    What you need is Touch Flow version 2.1 or higher it is only available via ROM upgrade you will need Windows Mobile 6.5. Mighty Mike has a very stable 6.5 ROM with all the fixings including the weather you desire. My recommendation to you is read up at PPCGeeks and XDA a bit but in the mean time just play around with what you have for a couple of weeks just to get used to things the way they are. If you just cant wait read up on ROM upgrading and unlocking your TP2 then post some more specific questions we will help you out.
    11-06-2009 04:12 PM