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    As posted in another thread, I have been having some major device freezes. Sprint has replaced my TP2 and all seems well. I am trying to clean out apps I don't need or want anymore but am having a rought time doing it. I go to settings>all settings> system> remove programs. The list pops up and I can see the programs/apps I want to remove. I highlight and tap yes when it asks me if I want to remove, then I get a second pop up that says only part of the app was removed but it can be removed from the list of installed apps. I tap yes to remove but it stays on the list. I am using Resco Explorer 2010 as my file explorer. I have tried to find these apps in the registry but no luck. When I do a restore (Sprite Backup) I go through each item listed to see if I can find the apps I want to remove before I restore but they aren't there either. They are showing there but they are not there (sounds like a Twilight Zone episode :eek::eek:). I have deleted all the folders and .cab files relating to these apps but they still show up on list of installed apps. If anyome has any clue as to how I can get rid of these apps, please tell me.
    These are the apps I want to remove:
    no curtains
    CO7 Black Chrome Flip Clock
    Cody PPC Personalizer
    Dinar Soft Mem Maid
    Holy Fox Crystal Clock
    HTC Footprints
    Jorra Jongma WM WiFi Router
    Opera Mini 5
    XDA_Tom_Codon CM WiFi Internet
    I don't need or use these so I want them removed.
    Also have 2 files I think belong to SpB mobile Shell 3.5 and if so I want to remove them also. They are:
    SQL Server Compact 3.5 Core
    SQL Server Compact 3.5 Real
    Hope you all can help. Thanks.
    08-30-2010 06:01 PM
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    fatyank it sounds like the files were not completely deleted and you need to snip out the rmanants which probably means a registry editor. Tricky stuff I would guess. Have youi checked in with the guys at xda developers? They might be able to help. Someone just came up with a program for the tilt2 called crud scraper for the ATT bloatware but its not for cdma touch pro 2s yet. Maybe soon though I'll try to snoop something out for you.
    08-30-2010 09:20 PM
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    the crud scraper was only working with the tilt2 and the original rom. Now that I have updated to the new rom with sense supposedly it wont work. Havent checked on xda to see if a new version is out to work with the new rom. I hope so and hopefully theres a version for the cdma touch pro 2's.
    09-11-2010 03:12 PM