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    Hey All.

    I have Htc mini and i dont think this is the right place. So here is goes:
    When I make the device power go off(i'm using structre of videopowermanagment) and make it go to D0 = power off,
    I knew it will cause the keyboard to go off, cause it's part of the touch screen, however i've noticed that the POWER button is not working and the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN are not working.
    I want to make it works, one of them I dont care.

    (the issue solved on HD or HD2)

    this is really tough question and I really dont excpect you to answer it, but if you can make an effort and help me I will make a tutorial, cause this is really annoying.

    thanks in advance
    09-18-2010 04:20 PM