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    I have an HTC TyTn II. I used Sprite 6.5 to restore my data after a firmware upgrade from WM6 to WM6.1. But since restoring the backup, the contact name on incoming calls or SMS's does not resolve with the names of contacts in the contact list unless I re-add the contact on receiving new calls or SMS's - even if the phone number & phone number format (International/local format) are identical to the numbers already included in the contact list.

    The people at Sprite were initially responsive to the problem and offered to fix the data and return it to me. However despite numerous follow-ups & service requests, they still cannot tell me the best way of partially restoring - for example restoring the SMS message store from a backup and separately perhaps, sync the contacts list with Outlook.

    I dont know if the the problem relates to a registry issue or something else. Would anyone know ?
    11-26-2008 09:31 PM