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    Somehow I don't get the new UI paradigms.

    In the old days, when I wanted to print a picture, I opened the picture in any program suitable for displaying or editing pictures and I could print by select File -> Print.

    Today I have to hunt down the Print button in every app individually. In "Photos" it's in the upper right corner (but refuses to print the picture full page). In "Paint 3D" it's under "Menu" which opens a full screen mask.

    Then the Print submenu wanted to know if I wanted to print in 2D or 3D (whatever "3D" means for pictures).

    Paint 3D finally printed the picture full page but in black and white (although colour was selected). After a while I disabled "Let the app change my printing preferences" and then the picture came out in colour.

    I am wondering. How do non-technical people get through this? What's wrong with me? Why did this seam simpler for 20 years with ALWAYS File-> Print in every application and ALWAYS simply printing what it showed on the screen? Suddenly with all this modern GUI stuff this feels like the 1980s again with every program doing things in its own way, no standardisation and no WYSIWYG.

    I don't print pictures very often. Word appears to be print the old way (but also doesn't have the standardized menus any more), in colour, onto the entire page. Since I usually print documents I hadn't noticed how ridiculous difficult printing pictures has become in the mean time.

    Rant mode off.
    08-08-2019 04:54 AM

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