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    I've got my 830 on the latest build (10166) and been updating all the way (no hard reset between builds).

    GPS is really wonky. It detects the exact position once you launch an app (maps or runtastic for example) but it does not when I'm moving. I'm really disappointed because I go for runs almost everyday and Runtastic was a vital part of the training... Anyone else having these issues with GPS? (I tried various fitness apps and not one holds a gps signal).

    The second annoyance is with Cortana, since the previous build Cortana stopped talking to me. The app used to work fine, even when I asked something by voice it would show the answer on the screen (no talking though) but since this last build, Cortana keeps thinking about the answer and does not show anything, the circles spin and spin and spin.

    With this info in mind should I perform a hard reset (which I would hate to have to do) or should I wait to the next build hoping it all gets resolved? What do you guys think?
    07-14-2015 01:47 PM

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