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    My car can download traffic info, but it needs a wifi connection for that. Works fine via the hotspot of my Lumia 930 (running the latest windows 10 preview). However, hotspot seems to be automatically disabled when not in use, but sometimes even while driving...... So I need to re-enable it every time I enter my car, and sometimes during the drive.

    Question is: Is there some way (via settings, or via an app) to automatically enable (and keep enabled) the hotspot when:
    - My car connects via Bluetooth
    - I connect my phone to a charging cable.

    I have found an option "allow to enable hotspot via Bluetooth device", but it doesn't work and I'm guessing the Bluetooth device (my car) needs to actively do this (which I'm guessing my car doesn't).

    Thanks in advance for anyone with a helpful answer or tip.

    Kind regards,
    11-03-2015 05:23 AM

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