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    my facebook messenger has been working ****ty for about 3 days now...
    It's a weird error:
    When I write a message to someone, it is sent instantly, the recipient gets it, everything ok.
    The next message(s) i try to send however, are not being sent... Sometimes they are sent after minutes, but sometimes they just get stuck and I need to delete manually.
    When I try to exit messenger, It says you have unsent messages, blablabla. When I "quit" with home button, I get a notification almost instantly, saying some of my messages could not be sent.
    When I quit and reopen app, its the same:
    First message to anyone OK, from then on its faulty.
    It seems this is per contact, so I can send 1 message to many contacts, after each other, but for every contact the following messages are faulty.
    Rebooted, reinstalled many times, same issue.

    The error is present when on wifi, and even on data connection (LTE). Other apps like whatsapp work fine, without errors, so this is not a network issue (at least from my side).

    Using Lumia 950, with build ".29", but this error has occured first in the previous build (which was preinstalled on the phone).
    Btw it was working fine for about 2 weeks after purchase, then this happened.
    I've contacted facebook but no answer yet...

    Any idea what could this be?

    Sorry for my bad english and long description...
    12-21-2015 03:04 AM

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