05-04-2017 11:03 AM
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  1. thinkitthrough's Avatar
    I agree, the WordFlow keyboard and predictive text in Windows 10 Mobile is way worse than it was with 8.1. Not only does it do a horrible job of predicting text, it doesn't seem to learn much at all (mostly just the words I have specifically told it to add to my "dictionary"). It is very frustrating how badly WordFlow and predictive text are on W10M, and worse yet, IMO it is not improving AT ALL.

    I came from using the Swype keyboard on Android to WP8.1, and I was pleasantly surprised that on WP8.1 I could legitimately tell friends & family that WordFlow on WP8.1 was even better than Swype on Android. But since W10M, I am deeply disappointed in WordFlow and its predictive text. Microsoft is asleep at the controls, showing no love at all to WordFlow on W10M.
    04-11-2017 10:11 AM
  2. Patrick Satta's Avatar
    I would agree. Also, WordFlow* has degraded* as well. It insists that I've misspelled words & doesn't even put the word I traced* in the suggestions. It's really annoying & costs me a lot of time having to manually* retype words. This is a common problem with common words, not uncommon* ones. It used to know what I was tracing* even if I purposefully* traced the word from neighboring* letters to try to confuse it. All the words with an * are ones that I had to retype in writing this comment with WordFlow.
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    04-11-2017 10:17 AM
  3. eddlang's Avatar
    I don't remember how WP8's keyboard was, but W10M's keyboard's swiping feature is simply terrible.

    For me, it NEVER catches words like "scaling", "asking", "enabling", "disabling", "unreliable", "developers", "recognizes", etc.

    It just refuses to recognize these words. I have to type them letter by letter. It does suggest them though after typing a few of the letters.
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    04-11-2017 10:17 AM
  4. creanyo's Avatar
    You are right. It is worst than wp 8.1, and I mean it. This is one step back in w10m.
    I'd like to know why this can be possible...
    04-11-2017 10:31 AM
  5. infinidim's Avatar
    It's about as bad as it always has been
    04-11-2017 10:36 AM
  6. Geoffrey Turks's Avatar
    I will say without a doubt, that predictive text is horrible on W10M. As a loyal Windows on phone user, I'm disappointed. It'll bring up every word except the one you want.
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    04-11-2017 10:42 AM
  7. AccentAE86's Avatar
    Oh wow I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

    Now swiped:
    Ok wow I'm so flash I'm not they only one.

    I've pretty much stopped swiping because i spend more time correcting errors than typing.

    Wp8.1 had a killer keyboard. Much better swipe, better prediction, better correction, better key accuracy.

    The only things I like about the w10 keyboard are the pointer stick, and the voice to text mic. And I REALLY love those features. Except that sometimes it takes literally 15 seconds for the voice to text to start "listening", though on average it takes about 2 seconds, which is still 1.99 seconds longer than it should be.
    04-11-2017 10:45 AM
  8. Zachary Wilmes's Avatar
    Not only can you slide the keyboard up or down, you can push it to the left or right depending on which hand you hold your phone with
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    04-11-2017 10:51 AM
  9. anthonyng's Avatar
    Yea it's not as good at 8.1 for sure. I used to show massively crazy scribbles and it would still get the word.

    Here's an older discussion we had in the forums
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    04-11-2017 10:53 AM
  10. Teorias's Avatar
    You are tottaly right W10 is way worse than 8.1.
    And you guys use english. In Portuguese is is something that came out of a horror movie especially with all the translations now being done in Brazil, that speaks BR-portuguese. Even me that know the language sometimes strugle to make sense of what in the name of GOD is it predicting.
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    04-11-2017 10:58 AM
  11. ryanlrobinson's Avatar
    Is it just me, or does predictive text on 10 mobile feel inferior to 8.1? Instead of suggestions based on what I've typed, it seems quite certain that I've mistyped and suggests words with completely different letters, right up until I only have one or two letters left. On a positive note, it is relearning my particular world, and now knows that Margarita Tuesday is a thing. However, it no longer suggests the poop emoji after I type "I have to..." That always made me smile.
    I didn't use Windows Phone 8.1 but it is dramatically worse than BlackBerry 10 which I switched from. It's so bad I now avoid writing messages from my phone, which I used to do a lot in situations like the bus.
    04-11-2017 10:58 AM
  12. ScubaDog's Avatar
    I have remarked to Microsoft SO many times that word shaping is useless on W10M compared to WP8. It is SUCH a great thing on my Lumia 1020. When I'm testing things out on my Lumia 950 and mistakenly start word shaping something I'm immediately reminded why I hate it so much.
    04-11-2017 11:06 AM
  13. Rupert Holmes's Avatar
    I noticed the change when I retired my 1020 for a 950XL. 8.1 could almost write my text, it learned my common words and context. I really cannot tell it if 10 is getting better, but after 4 months, it still does not understand "airport han" is "airport hangar." 8.1 would have had "hangar" on the selection line after I typed "airport." 10 is not better to me, anywhere, it is just different.
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    04-11-2017 11:08 AM
  14. Mikado_Wu's Avatar
    I have been stateing this for over two years. Every Preview that has come out, I have voted this down and submitted feed back. Fir = For , fiber = done or dinner . Everyone I talk to that uses windows phone says the same thing.
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    04-11-2017 11:22 AM
  15. Alessandro Dut's Avatar
    I used to type all my texts using word flow on 8.1, i gave up on Windows 10, it is just terrible.
    04-11-2017 11:24 AM
  16. k1s23's Avatar
    hey there. i think its not bad in english. two things that dont work properly in both windows phone 8.1 and windows 10 mobile are quotation mark and back slash.

    about quotation mark
    whenever i am swiping words then type a quotation mark the first time, it automatically connects to the previous word even though thats not the end of a quote (so for example: here is a sentence" instead of: here is a sentence ").

    about back slash
    whenever i am swiping words then type a back slash the first time, it doesnt connect to the previous word (so for example: here is a sentence / instead of: here is a sentence/)

    basically if both were reversed, quotation mark is spaced after the previous word and back slash connected to the previous word, that would be perfect.

    predictive text in japanese is another story.... if someone can share my frustration that would be great. :P
    04-11-2017 11:26 AM
  17. GraniteStateColin's Avatar
    I believe it's worse. Swftkey (swipe to type) is DEFINITELY worse. Even if you slowly go from letter to letter and pause on each one, it will ignore that and suggest more popular words that would have a similar motion. This never or almost never happened on Windows Phone 8.1.

    This is actually my single biggest gripe with Windows 10 on phone, which I otherwise much prefer over Windows Phone 8.1.
    04-11-2017 11:27 AM
  18. romaink's Avatar
    Thought I was the only one. I posted this through feedback before, but it most likely was ignored. I've moved on though. Too many issues that Microsoft will not address. It's like they're pretending that we're not here.
    04-11-2017 11:41 AM
  19. xandros9's Avatar
    Once upon a time, I was impressed with webOS 2.0's text correction. It was simple, but unobtrusive and quick to undo its changes if I hit backspace. It was a nice step up over what I saw as iOS 4/5's somewhat overzealous autocorrect although typing on the Pre's physical keyboard helped precision greatly over me ham-thumbing my way through iOS's still excellent virtual keyboard.

    And then Windows Phone 8 came along (I believe I got onboard with GDR2) and while I wasn't quite blown away, I was still impressed in that in many cases I could write partial sentences, or maybe even get out complete basic ones just from the keyboard's prediction bar. (it's kinda what I wished iOS's to be, three words at a time is a tad restrictive, but then again I've only seriously used iOS on a 4" display or smaller.)

    When Windows Phone 8.1 came out with Swype/shape-writing feature, I noticed the predictive text/"what is xandros9 attempting to type?" engine was top-notch when I was swiping on the keyboard. (That video where WP8.1 held the record for fastest text input for a short while? It felt attainable if I tried, even getting a relatively obscure word.) It wasn't quite mind-reading, but it could hold up the illusion in some cases.

    A tradeoff though was that the text suggestions were tuned to be more oriented towards what the current word could be, for when it misinterpreted a swipe, instead of predicting and offering what could be the next word, which WP8 did well. An acceptable tradeoff I suppose given the speedier input of shape-writing.

    And then Windows 10 Mobile appeared.

    For context, the bulk of my experience is from the few Production 10586/Threshold 2 builds leading up to the Anniversary Update launch and a bit after that. It could have improved since then but I wouldn't know.

    I was frankly very disappointed.

    If I were to type at a normal/fast clip on my 640, the keyboard would glitch and think that my individual taps were part of one big swipe and input gibberish. So I had to artificially slow down my typing so the OS could keep up. It was not unlike typing on an old iPhone where the keyboard would momentarily freeze but then catch up on your inputs, except instead of catching up, W10M's keyboard outright gave up. No amount of hard resets or WDRT trips and subsequent upgrades would fix it. (which also didn't fix my crashing Cortana but that's another story for another post...)

    Swiping words was a largely acceptable alternative except I would find W10M selecting more obscure word options, even if I babied it with clear, definitive endpoints. I could be careless in my swiping and reasonably expect 8.1 to get it right, or at least have the word I meant as an option. Not so here. And that's a mighty shame.
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    04-11-2017 11:42 AM
  20. zr2s10's Avatar
    The more important question: Why has MS not yet ported SwiftKey to W10M?
    Yes! Talk about absurd. But no surprise since they've abandoned us... Swiftkey is the best keyboard (I've used), and it's just one more thing that Microsoft isn't fully utilizing on their own platform. Nadella can suck my left nutella...
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    04-11-2017 11:50 AM
  21. anthonyng's Avatar
    I always felt that MS would fix it, but RS2 now... and I haven't heard it be improved yet.

    It's not like users aren't putting feedback about that either, if WindowsCentral has some insider contact, would be nice to have an official statement why it's different. @Jason Ward must have a story about this! ;)
    04-11-2017 11:50 AM
  22. TheFerrango's Avatar
    Yes, the swype prediction is way less reliable (at least for the Italian language).

    As for the next word prediction, meh. it seems to be working and adapting to my way of writing, so I'd guess that's at least very close to how it was
    04-11-2017 11:51 AM
  23. adamyos's Avatar
    I feel it is definitely worse than WP 8.1. I use a Lumia 950XL as my daily driver and sometimes text using a WP8.1 on a Lumia 530. I can easily feel the difference. The prediction and auto-correction is much better on WP8.1. This is an English US keyboard on both.
    04-11-2017 12:14 PM
  24. RHoudek's Avatar
    It is most definitely worse. Most notably that it keeps trying to use proper names when unnecessary. It's been even worse in some preview builds, but it's still not as good as it once was.
    04-11-2017 12:45 PM
  25. kdk24z's Avatar
    Swipe/predictive typing is absolutely worse in WM10 than WM8.1. I had a L925 that I had 8.1 on and LOVED the typing on that thing. Then I installed WM10 on it and thought there was something wrong with my phone because the typing was beyond horrible and unacceptable.

    My L925 just couldn't quite handle WM10 very well, so I rolled back to 8.1 and once again the typing on it was FANTASTIC! My L925 was "getting tired" so I purchased a new-to-me L1520 and with 8.1 on it the typing was excellent. I updated the L1520 to WM10 and the swipe/predictive typing is SO terrible, I usually get frustrated and just stop trying to type that way.
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    04-11-2017 01:16 PM
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