1. knight820's Avatar
    This maybe a bit strange. The situation like this,
    I have a desktop PC at home, shared with the whole family, parents, sister and I.
    In win7, We have 3 separate account, one for me, one for sister, these two accounts have password.
    And also a third account for my parents to do simple things, like net surfing or watching youtube.

    However, since win8, MS encourage us to use microsoft account, which must be protected by password.
    There is no problem for me and sister, as we are using win8 laptop.
    But my parents are not good to remember password, and it is even not necessary to use password.

    The problem is apps become more and more significant since win8, but a local account cannot access to the apps and its store.
    But then a MS account requires password. So would there be any workaround to use apps without entering password during login?
    03-29-2015 09:14 AM
  2. anon(5327127)'s Avatar
    03-30-2015 09:12 AM
  3. yihong kang's Avatar
    Buy a finger print scanner or use a simple pin like 0000, problem solved.
    03-30-2015 10:45 AM
  4. David Feifer's Avatar
    A local account CAN access apps, you could do it in windows 8 as well, you just need to go in to the account settings and link the account to a Microsoft account. This is what I do with my work computer. For a family it would make sense to have a family account. That way you are not buying the same app multiple times for the same computer.
    03-30-2015 09:33 PM

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