1. davo_svk's Avatar
    Hi ! I have a question.
    How can I do that on surface pro 3 ?
    Cuz I didn't find an option, how can I snap up for 3 or 4 apps side by side. Is it even possible in Windows 10 ? Thank you
    07-08-2015 09:45 AM
  2. Guzzler3's Avatar
    Good question. I couldn't find a way either.
    07-08-2015 10:43 AM
  3. mister2d's Avatar
    Fail if it doesn't. I actually use 3 apps sometimes. Web browser, Skype, and OneNote.
    tuck229 likes this.
    07-09-2015 12:37 PM
  4. davo_svk's Avatar
    thats bad. Win 10 is rly like beta of win8.1 :D :D
    07-10-2015 10:06 AM
  5. Motor_Mouth's Avatar
    It is not possible to split screen more than two apps in Windows 10. It is just one more reason it is a waste of time on tablets.
    07-11-2015 03:39 AM
  6. tuck229's Avatar
    Gotta say, other than Win10 bringing Cortana to my SP3, I'm not all that eager to install it. I will, but I'm actually a big fan of the newest version of Win8.1.
    07-15-2015 01:43 PM
  7. davo_svk's Avatar
    08-03-2015 06:48 PM
  8. Roy Khoh's Avatar
    Does snapping 2 apps side-by-side function normally for you SP3 users?
    Can you please try (in tablet mode) snapping Edge to the right, restoring to full screen and repeat about 10 times.

    I'm on Dell Venue 8 Pro and it only works maybe once in 15 or 20 tries.
    Traditional Desktop apps snap okay, but almost all of the Modern apps fail to snap.
    Desktop mode snaps okay for all apps.
    mister2d likes this.
    08-03-2015 08:50 PM

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