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    Hi! So like many of the millions who jumped in and upgraded to Windows 10, I decided to do the same yesterday. I picked my Acer Iconia W4 running Windows 8.1 for this. So as advised, I took a backup of my files and did the upgrade. I had the notification already but its not downloading bits so I downloaded the ISO and copied it to my 16GB SD card, mount the Windows 10 ISO and run setup.

    There are the highlights.

    1. Upgrade was smooth although it took very long time. I can't remember how long exactly but it is time consuming.
    2. First bootup was always a joy seeing the new login screen. However, everything was sluggish and then I found out that the apps were updating so have patience. After all apps was updated I rebooted Windows10 and problem went away.
    3. Disk space consumption was big and I had 5GB free when I upgraded so be wary of this.
    4. Don't forget to run the diskcleanup tool to remove temp files or previous Windows version (I decided to keep the option to go back just in case)
    5. Although the Iconia W4 is a tablet, Windows 10 defaulted to desktop so I had to click Tablet mode in action center.
    6. Snap assist do not work in my Iconia W4 and I did research and I still can't make it to work. It must be video drivers related cause sometimes my screen is displayed only half for some apps. I will try to reinstall video drivers later tonight in an attempt to fix it.
    7. I know, I know I was looking for the charms and I forgot that it was replaced by Action Center.
    8. Edge is great but needs work on touch operation which IE metro did well.
    9. Task switcher is nice.
    10. Some of the live tiles are not working like Weather, mail, Store. I don't know why even though I enabled live tiles.
    11. I'm not so sure about speed compared to Windows 8.1 but 8.1 feels faster. I will test it again when I do a clean install. - I read that you cannot do a clean install for the first time. You must upgrade, activate and then reset your Windows 10 installation.
    12. FB and twitter apps are updated although their notifications do not appear in the notification center. I don't know if an app reinstall will do the trick.
    13. Mail and Calendar app is terrible. I hope Microsoft changes its mind before releasing half-baked apps. They could have used the old mail/calendar app and just do an upgrade if the new version is ready and better. This should go to other apps like Weather etc. If its not ready for prime time release it as beta so that users will not be disappointed.
    14. The taskbar in tablet mode is really helpful as it displays vital info like time/date, battery, network connections.

    Windows 10 is a step in the right direction although there are clearly more work that needs to be done. I will be using this for a month and we'll see.
    08-02-2015 08:49 PM
  2. realwarder's Avatar
    Microsoft knew issues exist but wanted to release for back to school time... Windows 10 will get some updates pretty quickly to address the issues being experienced - you are not the only reporting these. Personally I think the benefits outweigh a few bugs for now.
    08-02-2015 10:32 PM

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