1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    Hi guys,
    I joined windows insider and updated my lumia to the windows 10 preview (slow update version!) and although I have us english and USA selected as language and region as mentioned in help files Cortana is missing. The search icon on the bottom menu actually doesn't do anything anymore. Anyone had this problem?

    11-06-2015 09:27 AM
  2. Nicholas Ek's Avatar
    Have you used any Interop unlocks or any sideloaded apps like WPTweaker to change the "timeout" of the buttons?
    11-06-2015 09:47 AM
  3. Mighty Zoltan's Avatar
    No I haven't used anything like that. Just a standard installation.
    11-06-2015 12:54 PM
  4. Nicholas Ek's Avatar
    Then only a hard reset can fix it. Or you can wait until the next build and see if it solves the problem. 10586 is supposed to hit both fast and slow ring I think.
    11-06-2015 03:57 PM
  5. Gaurav Tekchandani's Avatar
    I have activated Cortana in my 535 after win10update.. But cortana is not listening although it replies to what i type and crashes often.
    Infact the mic icon on keyboard is also not working.
    Any idea whats the issue?
    10-04-2016 02:21 PM

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