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    It's running very slow even when I try and bring up the internet or just a program in my computer. I get that spinning wheel and sometimes it takes so long my computer just goes to sleep. I'm really about to just uninstall the whole thing. HELP ME PLEASE!
    11-29-2015 12:15 PM
  2. jasqid's Avatar
    If you did the upgrade through Windows Update, download the media creation tool and create installation media for another PC. (CD or USB stick) Be sure its the same version that you download for hat you are running. For example, Windows 10 Home. Reinstall WIndows 10 with the media you made, when prompted (twice it will ask you) for a Product Key, just skip it and donot enter anything. Once its reinstalled it will self activate from the hardware/digital ID from your upgrade.
    11-29-2015 12:31 PM

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