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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this one as I guess it is an account issue, I have four devices plus an Xbox One, my desktop, Surface Pro 3, 1520 and Xbox One are all working fine, but as of last night my HP Stream 7 has gone a bit mad, it signs in OK at start up and on the desktop all looks fine.

    When I start Groove Music it just doesn't see that I have a music pass (I do and the Stream is one of four devices signed up and was working yesterday afternoon), I cant really get it to do anything, non of the links like settings work, the same with Films and TV, it just sits there, a grey screen, yet I can launch Edge, come on here and it signs me on, the Xbox app, email, calendar, just about every app that I can try seems to be working.

    If I go on the web from my desktop and log into my account I can see all my devices, it lists my Stream as a Music and Film and TV device, I can even use find my device to see where it is.

    If I go into the store from the Stream 7 and click on music it says "You have a music pass"

    Anyone else experiencing anything like this on HP Streams, or more realistically on any devices.

    All devices as updated as far as possible with the Stream on 10586.71 I have shut down and done a few restarts, getting no where.
    01-31-2016 07:42 AM
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    I gave up thinking about it and did a reset, it gave me something to do on a Sunday evening I suppose.

    The real beauty of the Windows account system over multiple devices and OneDrive is you can just wipe a PC and be back up and running in very little time with no issues on loosing data.

    OK I have ended up with one album in Groove music duplicated somewhere, but 1 out of 300 isn't bad (And it will be found and severely dealt with) and I haven't bothered putting every app back on it.

    And although I have done this, I was starting to think it was time to retire the Stream 7, yes its a fun sized device, but my 1520 is maybe just too close and faster/better in all but web browsing (Sensitivity issue only on web browsers).

    I find myself updating it but not using it much, I used to take it to work but as stated I have the 1520 so why?
    01-31-2016 04:25 PM

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