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    I have Windows devices and Apple devices, which made me compare this little annoying thing. My iPad (as an example) connects to my Fugoo speaker and shares the volume information, so to say, I put up on the speaker and I see the volume going up on the computer. When I max out the volume in on end, the other device is aware of it and also maxed out.

    When I use my Windows devices, I get 2 separated volumes. Lets say I have my speaker half volume on my bedroom and I'm sitting in the living room using my laptop. If I put maximum volume on the laptop, the speaker will not go further than half (its current max).

    I have already tried a Microsoft forum and it seems that they don't understand this issue or they just don't really seem to care, giving me standard answers like to update my drivers...etc

    All drivers on my computer are updated. This happens not only with the Fugoo device but also with UE Boom and UE Roll. On a side note, this situation is the same using android devices.
    So does apple use a different type of connection/codecs...??

    Cheers all
    02-01-2016 07:55 AM

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