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    Since I downloaded Wndow 10 I have been living a nightmare. Whenever I search for a file it takes me to the web, and I keep pressing: in my stuff... but it does not remember this at all
    also all my files and folders are in a mess. I often attach the wrong files becz before I used to have my files sorted by date. now it is a total mess. I dont understand the logic. and instead of one click to send a file in a folder I now need at least 4 clicks and 4 eyes to check the dates and the hour. I started adding descriptions to my files to be able to know which is which. it is really a nightmare and I advise everyone against updating to Window 10.
    I wasted time re-adjusting the folders sorting by date. but I'm tired of keep doing so.
    I need your advice. if you cannot give me one, I'll downgrade.
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    03-20-2016 04:02 AM

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