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    I'm using lumia 1320, build 10586.545 . Recently i've run into a problem with my battery, I guess it broke down since it drains from 100% to 9% just in a few minutes of web browsing.

    In one night, i think the phone was doing some backup to the cloud, and the battery drained, so now my phone's stucked at
    August 8. Sometimes, it shows 0x8009002d, I have to reboot the phone to get it on, however all settings are old dated, cannot access People Hub, SMS, mail outlook apps shows Outlook account settings are old-dated => click on Fix => doens't do anything.

    It seems outlook app is the main culprit as I've seen some guys on win 10 PC also have that error with Outlook (0x8009002d). I can install apps, except Outlook and Mail app, it will reboot the phone immediately and restore old settings. On mobile, there's no tool to fix it.

    go to settings>accounts> your email and accounts > Add an account to Email, calendar, contacts => fail for all options (add outlook mail, gmail...same error) just like other guys on Win 10 PC

    Done so far:
    - soft reset, hard reset (both on about/reset or Power+volumn down> show exclamation mark> volumn up down power down...) => no change.
    - get into Store app > ask for the password > enter => access the app fine. Also, access Onedrive app fine with right data. (still mail app shows the Outlook old-dated settings)
    Go to settings/accounts/ remove PIN
    Then, try to log into Microsoft oulook account=> devices=> find my phone => locates the phone correctly, Ring the phone works just fine, Lock the phone > reenter the lock pin passcode > work awesome.
    Reboot the phone, everything goes back like above steps, messed up account password, cannot access People hub, sms... and sometimes show 0x8009002d
    - redo everything in the above to make sure Onedrive/store app can understand the Microsoft password, open Windows Device Recovery tool (latest version 3.9.20701, i reinstall on 3 different pcs to try this method), Click to reinstall the software > continue > download package > Switching the device to flash Mode > Operation ended with failure

    Reboot, click again, it goes another round like that.
    - redo the above steps, get into the Outlook account on PC, remove the phone on both store and others... go to phone settings > uncheck sync settings, and retry Windows recovery tool to resintall software > nothing changes.

    Now I'm stucked, my phone is a brick, cannot use SMS, people hub, outlook mail..
    It automatically gets the error "Windows phone error code: 0x8009002d. you have to reboot..." on the lockscreen, so I have to reboot no less than 20 times per day to get pass that error.

    please help.
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