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    Hey guys!! So I know there are quite a few people who want to change most of the images that Groove Music uses as but not limited too Artist Images, Artist Banners, Live Tiles etc. The process does take a while but If you are hell-bent on changing them, or if you prefer another image it is possible!! Groove music stores all these images locally; I am not talking about Album covers.
    Programs you need:
    Photoshop CC

    Step 1.
    Ensure View Hidden Folders is ticked. To do this open start menu and search for Folder Explorer Options. Once opened click View. Under Hidden Files and folders tick Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

    Step 2.
    Navigate to this address in explorer: (Where USERNAME is you own)

    Step 3.
    Back up all these files anywhere, such as a separate folder.

    Step 3.
    Now inside the original folder it will be filled with blank looking files. The easier option is to use advanced renamer to change all the file extensions to jpgs. Heres a link on how to bulk change extensions using cmd:

    Step 4.
    Scroll through this list until you find the images you want to change. Open that file in Photoshop and change the image ensuring you dont change the file name or dimensions and click save.

    Step 5. When you have change the file you need to remove the .jpg extension back into file. Do this following step 3. And replace the orginal file in IMAGECACHE/20 with the file you just edited.

    Step 6.
    There is another folder to change as well:
    Use the steps above to change the images within this folder!! Thats it.
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    09-10-2016 08:48 PM
  2. Riccardo Felice's Avatar
    Wow, thank you so much!! I took me just a couple of years to find a way to edit artist images (this thread) xD.
    I changed some already, but I gotta ask, is there a way to change missing artist images (the gray ones)?
    I mean, there is no image for you to change in the local folder in that case...
    Thank you!
    06-16-2018 03:09 AM
  3. Ryujingt3's Avatar
    I gave up on Groove for editing my music metadata. Just edit it all in a proper editing program, like MP3 tag, then Groove will update itself to match.
    06-16-2018 09:35 AM
  4. Riccardo Felice's Avatar
    I already do this. But I want to find a way to edit and insert new images for the missing artist images. The "gray ones" Groove wasn't able to find a match. screenshot-303-_li.jpg
    09-01-2018 07:26 AM

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